Rent the Greenville Museum of Art

The Greenville Museum of Art is a unique location for special events and parties. Rich with history, dating back to the early 1900s, the museum and its exhibits add an artistic element to any private event.

Rental Rates

Facility Reservation Options 

The Greenville Museum of Art (GMA) offers three dynamic rental options to potential users in order to accommodate the unique needs of every event. For all three options, access to the Museum’s bathrooms is readily available. Access to the GMA catering kitchen, however, is available in most cases except where the operation of one event infringes on the operations of a previously scheduled, simultaneous event. Please note that weddings and formal dinners default to our Option One package.

Rental Hours:

Events can run between the hours of 10:00am – 10:00pm. The earliest set up time is 8:30am and all clean up must be finished by 11:00pm.

Half day rental: 4 hours |  Full day rental: 8 hours

Complimentary 1 hour set up and 1 hour clean up

Photo shoot rental: $60/hr

Option One: Entire First Floor Public Spaces of Museum (Including Outside Courtyard)
Capacity – 160 People (seated) – 300 People (standing)

Option Two: West Wing and Commons Galleries (Including Outside Courtyard)
Capacity – 160 People (seated) – 250 People (standing)

Option Three:
West Wing Gallery – 100 People (seated) 200 People (standing) or
Commons Gallery – 60 People (seated) 120 People (standing)

For more information and floor plans of the spaces noted above please contact the Museum by calling 252.758.1946

Rental Option Rental Rate Deposit Required

Option 1 - Full Day Only



Option 2 - Full Day



Option 2 - Half Day



Option 3 - Full Day



Option 3 - Half Day



Nonprofit organizations will receive 15% off rental rates.

All rentals will be charged a deposit fee in addition to the rental fee. The deposit will be returned via mail within 10 days after the event if the space is properly cleaned and free of any damages. The rental fee must be paid in full at the time of signing the contract and may be refunded except for the deposit up to 14 business days before the event.

Additional Costs:

  1. Because of the staff requirements, the fee for the relocation of any artwork in any gallery is $25 per piece. Artworks exceeding 50lbs, excluding pedestals, cannot be moved for rentals. Installations cannot be moved. Renters must provide the Museum at least two weeks notice in order to move and/or remove any artwork.
  2. The GMA reserves the right to bill renter for any additional cleaning expenses that exceed the cost of the deposit.
  3. The renter is liable for any damages to artwork or Museum property on display, regardless of whether the damage was caused by guests, caterers, or anyone else hired by the renter. If needed, the Renter is responsible for paying the Greenville Museum of Art all of its collection costs and expenses, including, but not limited to, court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees.
  4. The renter is required to provide proof of event liability insurance to GMA if you choose to rental Option 1 – $1,000,000 policy – for day of event. Proof must be provided by the time of contract signing.

For additional policies please review the Greenville Museum of Art – Facility Rental Policy and Guidelines and contact the museum at 252-758-1946