2018 Upcoming Exhibitions


Jupiter Optimus Maximus

January 23 – March 11
West Wing and Commons Galleries

Opening Reception: Friday, February 2, 2018 | 5:00pm-8:00pm

The exhibition Jupiter Optimus Maximus is the first presentation of the collaborative five-year project of the same name by three artists, painter Robert Ruckman, mixed-media artist William Fields, and experimental musician Samuel Allen Taylor. The project places the work of these three distinct artistic voices within one overarching spiritual vision to create a multimedia space that inspires awe and reflection. Taking inspiration from the ancient histories of hermeticism, these unified artworks are expressions of what these three artists call a “dwelling place.” Made up of twelve large-scale paintings by Ruckman, twelve oversize drawings by Fields, and twelve electro-acoustic sound signatures by Taylor, each work captures the essence or character of twelve multi-dimensional intelligences, elements that embody diverse forces in the natural world, such as electromagnetism, radiation, gravitation, crystallization, cause/effect, or equilibrium. As Tom Patterson writes, Ruckman, Fields, and Taylor “see (and hear) their creative efforts for this project as parts of a unity, a single work or ‘force field’ with multiple facets—an aesthetic transmission from a particular sector of a magical universe through three human mediums or creative conduits—to be experienced in toto.” Visitors will experience a meditative space, rich in color, enhanced by a vivid soundscape, and driven by emergent forms.

To learn more about the exhibition, including images, music, and essays, visit: http://www.jupiteroptimusmaximus.net/ This project also includes a full color catalog with an introduction by UNC professor, Julian Semilian, and an essay by art critic, Tom Patterson.

This exhibition debuted at the Elberson Fine Arts Center at Salem College in Winston-Salem in March 2017.



ECU Senior Art Exhibition

March 20 – April 22
West Wing and Commons Galleries


PCC Graphic Design Portfolio Show

April 27 – May 13
West Wing and Commons Galleries


Lee Hall

May 25 – July 29
West Wing Gallery


K-12: Works by Pitt County Schools’ Art Students

May 18 – June 10
Commons Gallery


Stones Echo: Photographs by Chris Ogden

June 22 – July 29
Commons Gallery