Perceptions and Recognitions:

African Americans of Eastern North

Carolina by Burk Uzzle

Dr. Alma Cobb Hobbs – (c) Burk Uzzle












Perceptions + Recognitions is a new body of work by internationally recognized photographer Burk Uzzle commissioned by the Greenville Museum of Art. The exhibition consists of 24 original photographs of residents in eastern North Carolina and debuted at the Greenville Museum of Art in 2017.

Perceptions + Recognitions is designed to offer individuals, families, and organizations a way to experience their neighbors, whether familiar or unknown.

The title reflects the fact that too frequently we hold perceptions about others that are disconnected from their truths and therefore inaccurate. Art has always afforded us the opportunity to share seminal emotions with strangers, to realize a connection, to know that our human experience may not be unique although our circumstances may be unrecognizable

for a detailed view of the show:

Perceptions and Recognitions Exhibition

Exhibition Specs

Works and Dimensions:

24 large format photographic prints

2 pieces 82″ x 62″

6 pieces 54″ x 41″

7 pieces 34″ x 26″

8 pieces 24″ x 34″

Space Requirement: 1,600 sq ft.

Exhibition Signage: Available in digital format

Supporting Material: Full color booklet

Medium security level required; attendant during open hours; locked and alarmed for fire and theft during off hours.

Exhibition space and storage areas must have temperature and humidity controlled at levels consistent with preservation and museum standards.

Lighting levels must not exceed 15 foot candles; no exposure to daylight or fluorescent lighting. Public photography with flash is prohibited.

Borrower provides standard wall-to-wall all risk fine arts insurance coverage when on premises.

Borrower is responsible for shipping and insurance costs to and from venue.


Exhibition Schedule

Greenville Museum of Art:

February 3, 2017 – April 30, 2017

Available beginning April 2018 for 12 week bookings


For more information including rental fee, please contact

Paige Hackler, Collections and Exhibitions Manager at