THE GOLDEN JACKPOT RAFFLE fundraiser is here! This exciting fundraiser offers participants the chance to win $10,000.00 if we meet our goal of 300 tickets sold!  1/3 of the total funds raised will go to the winner if under 300 tickets are sold.

Tickets are available for purchase below, at the museum information desk, or by calling 252-758-1946.

$100/per ticket – You can also pool with friends, co-workers, family, etc.!



Proceeds allow GMA to continue to:

  • Offer free admission with suggested donation to an average of 15,000 annual visitors
  • Execute 8-10 annual exhibitions
  • Fund outreach programs for the Boys’ and Girls’ Club and Operation Sunshine
  • Sponsor gifted middle school students to join GMA’s Visual Arts Academy through scholarship
  • Maintain the permanent collection of over 800 works of art
  • Provide cultural enrichment to our community