THE GOLDEN JACKPOT RAFFLE fundraiser is here! This exciting fundraiser offers participants the chance to win $10,000.00 if we meet our goal of 300 tickets sold!  1/3 of the total funds raised will go to the winner if under 300 tickets are sold.

Tickets are available for purchase through Paypal, at the museum information desk, or by calling 252-758-1946.



Proceeds allow GMA to continue to:

  • Offer free admission with suggested donation to an average of 15,000 annual visitors
  • Execute 8-10 annual exhibitions
  • Fund outreach programs for the Boys’ and Girls’ Club and Operation Sunshine
  • Sponsor gifted middle school students to join GMA’s Visual Arts Academy through scholarship
  • Maintain the permanent collection of over 800 works of art
  • Provide cultural enrichment to our community